YOGA: A Great Way to Stay Fit During the Fall

By: Jill, PTA (Methuen Clinic)


As fall begins and we transition away from some of our outdoor activities, it is a good time to consider new exercise options. The practice of yoga may be a good option for the months of inclement weather approaching. Yoga can be defined as a system of exercises for attaining bodily or mental control and well-being. The practice of yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility. Additional benefits include improved function of the respiratory system, digestive system, circulation, and clarity of the mind. There are a variety of yoga techniques that are appropriate for beginners. The four I will review have individual benefits.

1) Hatha: is considered a gentle form of yoga. It is a yoga system of physical exercises and breathing control. Movements are slow with postures maintained for a few breaths.

2) Vinyasa: is a more dynamic practice that links movement and breath in a dance like way. It is a flowing sequence of poses that is one of the most popular styles of yoga in the United States. Also sometimes called “Vinyasa Flow Yoga,” this type of practice involves synchronizing the breath with a continuous flow of postures.

3) Iyengar: named after and developed by B. K. S. Iyengar, is a form of Hatha Yoga that has an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment in the performance of posture (asana) and breathe control focuses on more precise body alignment and range of motion. Postures are held. Instructors focus on anatomy, movement and detailed form. Blocks, straps and blankets are often used.

4) Ashtanga: This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures—a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. It is a challenging, yet orderly approach to yoga. It involves a series of six specific poses. You flow and breathe through each to build internal heat.

Experiment as you would like and enjoy!

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