Gardening Does Not Have To Be A Pain!

Written By: Caroline, PTA (Georgetown Clinic)

The nice weather is upon us which means it’s time to start tending to our gardens. Here at Partners in Rehab, PT we have many clients who love to get outside and plant their beautiful flowers and bountiful vegetable gardens. However, often time’s people are apprehensive because they suffer from low back pain, which make the tasks associated with gardening painful & difficult. Here are some helpful tips to alleviate the effects of low back pain that may be preventing you from enjoying your garden.

  1. Warm up and stretch prior to starting. A five minute walk and some basic stretching can get your body ready for the rigors of gardening. Lie flat on your back and pull both knees gently to your chest. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds. Repeat this 3 times.
  2. Use good body mechanics. Avoid repetitive bending forward or twisting at your waist. Instead squat or kneel to reach things near the ground. Use of a padded kneeler, seat or rolling garden stool will help to accomplish this. Use of long handled tools can also be helpful in reaching low or hard to get to areas.
  3. Lift heavy objects by keeping the item close to you and bending knees to protect the back. Use wheelbarrows and wagons to help with heavy loads over long distances. Do not try to lift items that are too heavy, when possible divide loads into smaller amounts.
  4. Take frequent breaks. Every 20-30 minutes change your position. A helpful stretch is to stand up straight with hands on hips. Lean gently backwards to gently extend the low back for 30 seconds. Repeat as needed.
  5. Consider planting in raised beds or in pots so that there is less need to bend over or to spend as much time on the ground. Be creative with your garden!

We hope that these few easy and helpful tips about gardening this summer will help you to better enjoy the “fruits of your labor”. From all of us here at Partners In Rehab, PT we wish you a happy and healthy gardening season and hope that you have a great summer.

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