Physical Therapy 101

Physical Therapy (PT) improves mobility, fitness and overall wellbeing for ease and comfort of everyday movement. PT involves the diagnoses and management of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular dysfunction through education, exercise and advanced treatment techniques.

Physical Therapy is an effective medical treatment for:

  • Pre / post-operative healing
  • Aches and pains caused by work, travel, and play
  • Disabilities caused by disease, injury or developmental disorders

Physical Therapy involves the assessment and subsequent treatment of lost functional mobility by a professionally trained and licensed Physical Therapist.


Patient assessment includes a discussion of the your medical history and a physical examination. The discussion is guided by your complaint or concern and the examination follows from your medical history. Often, a prescription provided by a referring doctor is very helpful in the initial assessment.

From this assessment, the Physical Therapist can ascertain your functional limitations, construct a baseline from which to measure your progress, diagnose your condition, and begin to establish a progressive plan of care.

Various diagnostics may be used to assist in a thorough assessment.


Based on the assessment, the Physical Therapist establishes a plan of care which may include multiple ongoing therapy options, devices and aids, exercises, and patient education. The plan will include measures of progress that will be reviewed with you and your referring doctor. Your treatment of care may be revised accordingly to maximize your recovery.

At all times, your comfort and confidence are thoughtfully supported to encourage your ongoing commitment to physical improvement.

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